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Plainfield, New Jersey Event Venue

Proudly Serving Clients in Plainfield, New Jersey

Zenith Event Space is proud to serve clients in Plainfield, New Jersey. Our Event Space provides a personal, private setting for intimate events at affordable pricing. With 1500 Square feet of space, we can accommodate up to 64 of your guests. We strive to make your event as memorable and enjoyable as possible.  We hope you’ll plan your next unforgettable event with us. You won’t regret it.


If you’re looking to find a venue for an event, a baby shower venue, a kid's birthday party place, or just a unique event venue you have come to the right place. The venue is also great for small intimate weddings and receptions. Holiday parties, dance classes, business meetings, networking events, pop-up shops, product launches.


Our venue comes with all tables, chairs, and Bluetooth surround sound system. Zenith Event Space is also wheelchair accessible along with having an ADA compliant bathroom with a changing stating. Our Plainfield clients are welcome to bring their own food or get food catered. We can also accommodate a 360 photo booth, a DJ, kids bounce houses, and more. Our event venue is only 15 minutes from Plainfield, New Jersey

Selecting an Event Venue

When looking for an event venue the first thing you should know is your guest count and the capacity of the event venue to ensure the venue can accommodate your guests. This is especially important to know in case you're going to have a DJ, 360 photo booth, and backdrops. Another thing to consider is how you would want to decorate and what kind of decorations you're looking to have. This is why it's important to view the event venue in person to visualize your event and if you would need to make any changes. Our event venue actually looks bigger in person which is another reason to view the venue in person.

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plainfield event venue

We can accommodate the below types of Events

Plainfield NJ Event Venue

Plainfield NJ Event Venue: Event Services

Baby Showers


Bridal Showers

Birthday Parties



plainfield event venue

Sweets 16's

event venue

Engagement Dinner



Pop-up Shops

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Plainfield NJ Event Venue: Event Services
Plainfield NJ event venue

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340 North Ave
Garwood, NJ 07027


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