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NJ Photo Booth Rental 

Zenith Events located in Garwood New Jersey now offers Photo Booths for rent. We offer photo booth rentals inside and outside of our event venue. Our photo booth service is great for events and parties such as weddings, wedding receptions, engagement parties, baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, kid's birthdate parties, and more.

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photo booth rental

Nj Photo Booth Rentals

We also offer Rose Wall backdrops which are the perfect compliment to any event, wedding, bridal shower, or engagement party. The perfect touch for all events. Our NJ Photo Booth Rental is a service that provides customers with a unique and fun way to capture memories at their special events.

kids birthday party

Birthday Party

Let the entertainment and celebration begin! With our photobooths, every photo can be sent directly to your phone by airdrop, text, or email right after taking the photo. You can instantly share your memories to Instagram or Facebook. Prints are no longer needed.

We can also customize the height of the photo booth which is great for a kids birthday party.


Bridal Shower

You have the option to select a static photo, boomerang, gifs, or video to capture every special moment. We can customize the features to fit the theme of your event, including adding a special name and date on the border of each photo as well as having different designs and colors. The pictures are in great high resolution quality.



Photo Booths are a must for every wedding and wedding reception. Couples are thrilled to have this addition to their wedding. Add fun for family and friends to enjoy. Our photo booths also come with virtual props for added content. Your guests will love all of the features and quality of the photos which will surely put a smile on their faces.

Photo booth flower wall

Affordable Packages Available

In addition to the photo booth, you have the option to add our beautiful rose wall backdrop for an upgraded experience. Our clients love to have options to select from. You can save money by not having to hire photographers. Contact our team for pricing. Our NJ Photo Booth Rental uses the latest technology to ensure that customers receive the highest quality photos.

NJ photo booth rental

Corporate Events

We also cater to corporate events. We can add your logo or company logo to each photo and within the design of the booth. Fits well in any area of the venue. We service most of New Jersey, such as North Jersey, Central Jersey, South Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York. 

wedding photo booth


What is the price range for nj photo booth rental? The price can range from $600 -$1100


What is the minimum amount of time required to rent a nj photo booth? The minimum rental time is 4 hours


What is the maximum amount of time that can be rented for a nj photo booth? The maximum time is 6 hours

How do I make a reservation? Call us at 973-302-3722 or email us at

photo booth

Get in touch today to discuss your upcoming event!

340 North Ave
Garwood, NJ 07027


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